Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thomas and Friends

Since we knew the weekend ahead would be very Kate-centered, we wanted to be sure little Luke got some extra attention and TLC. I was driving down Main Street in Grapevine a month ago, and when I saw the Day Out with Thomas banner, I knew where we would be spending Luke's day! Luke has been so into all things Thomas lately, and we hoped the visit would be a hit... 

As you can see, we were right! Oh, there is nothing in the whole world better than that sweet smile! 

We rode the train... 

We took posed pictures as Luke allowed it...

Luke got a tattoo...! I really never thought he'd go for that, but a day later, it was still on! 

Luke tried to enjoy the scenery despite his daddy bugging him. :)

We got as close to Thomas himself as possible. (After thirty minutes of sitting still in the train, we didn't want to get in another line. It was time to roam!)

And dear Lord did we do some damage in the gift shop. :| 

What a wonderful day we had! It was a blast seeing our Luke have the best day ever

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