Sunday, April 20, 2014

Take me out to the ball game...

Since Kate was born, Jeremy and I have really seen the importance of having time with our kids individually. When we saw that the Texas Rangers and Autism Speaks were pairing up to do a fundraiser, we bought tickets to the game and left Kate with a babysitter! 

Our seats were great, and they were designated in a specific area. This is always comforting when we know that we'll be among "our people" - if Luke were to have a rough time, at least we would be near folks who understood. Fortunately, he had a fantastic time! He loved keeping track of the pitch count. What can I say - numbers are his fave. :)

Luke and Mommy selfie! 
I got some great candid pictures with Luke and Jeremy. I just kept clicking and clicking since they were rough-housing and playing. How perfect are they? 

We had a wonderful time with our #1 son - and he really soaked up all of his time with his mommy and daddy all to himself! :) 

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