Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a Wonderful Spring Break!

First: have you ever seen a sweeter little Texas Aggie?

Well, it's the final day of Spring Break and, of course, there's snow on the ground. Go figure! But regardless of how un-springy this weather has been the past couple of days, I have had such a great Spring Break. I think everyone should have a Spring Break vacation. Just time away to recharge the batteries before resuming the grind. I'm trying to stay positive and think that the remaining weeks of the school year will fly by... and I know they will! Before I know it, Luke and I will be finding all kinds of summer adventures to take!

The next few pictures are of Luke at the Dallas Galleria play-land, where we visited on Thursday to see Heather (my best friend/college roommate) and her daughters. It's so nice not to be alone in the stroller-weilding, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-toting, child-consoling chaos that is a mall excursion with a toddler. : )

That toddler, by the way, was a total BABY when we first arrived, sticking to the ground level and, with this rare exception, staying right by my side the entire time.

Here are Kylie (5) and Sadie (2) - aren't they darling?

Okay, so like I said, Luke was a big ole weenie walking on the ground and clinging to me. But, true to Luke form, it only took me putting him on something he could climb for him to warm up to the experience.

Yup, that's him right in the middle of that massive rock monstrosity. He loved it!

Of course all good rock climbing should end with a feast of Cheetos and McDonalds, right? (This doesn't quite capture his orange face the way I thought it did. Oh well.)

Anyway, today my little 12th man is going to brave the church nursery (or at least that's the plan; who knows with this weather!), take a good nap, and cheer on the Aggies against Purdue! I really hope TAMU's in the Sweet Sixteen in less than 12 hours. Woo hoo!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and, if you've had one, a Spring Break! Back to the grind tomorrow...

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