Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dad Got Luke a Gift...

...his very own custom Chelsea kit!

(For you "Yanks" out there: Chelsea is an English soccer - err, I mean football - team. It was Jeremy's favorite when he studied abroad in England in college, and he still follows them avidly. "Kit," by the way, means uniform, as I'm sure you've gathered.) I came home from a Spring Break Kick-Off Happy Hour to find my own little Chelsea Blue swimming in his 2T uniform! It will fit him for a while, and, as a nice little perk, brings out those gorgeous blue eyes! : )

Today we went to see Thomas the Train at downtown Grapevine. We are all exhausted! Look for some pictures of that trip later this week!
Have a great day and weekend, everyone!

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Becca said...

That is exactly what I was thinking...that blue jersey makes Luke's blue eyes look AWESOME! What a cutie!