Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebrating Easter

Happy (belated) Easter, everyone! We've had a great time lately - not that we don't always, certainly, but our little Luke has blossomed, perhaps because he's officially 19 months old. Thankfully, he's gradually exiting his "stranger danger" phase, and he's giggling his head off all the time! We've enjoyed the heck out of him lately, especially over our long holiday weekend!

To begin, here's Luke longingly gazing at the front yard. He so desperately wanted to play, but Mean Old Mama kept him in because the wind was so crazy.

Below, Luke checks out his Easter basket in his handsome attire. (I didn't get a great shot of it, but you can imagine how difficult it is to keep homeboy still.)

More shots of the handsome boy:

This next one cracks me up. Let me explain it this way: Luke mostly gives me the hugs. So I consider this the "Oh no. I look nice, and they're packing the car. They're going to take me to the church nursery. Nooooooooo! Maybe if I act sweet, they'll keep me here." He's a smart one!

We did go to church, and I have to say, it was a breakthrough day: when we picked Luke up, he was NOT crying and was actually playing with toys and other kids. Hallelujah!

After church, it was off to lunch at Granny's. To date, we have seven little boys ages 5 and under, so do you think some fun was had Sunday? Oh yes. LOTS of fun. First, Luke's sweet cousin William (age 5) just loves little kids, and he immediately played with and tickled Luke. Luke loved it! Cracked him up!

So, how does Luke show his gratitude? With a hug...

...that segued into a tackle. Seriously, my bruiser son hugged his cousin Will to the ground. Sweet Will cracked up. They had a blast... while I had heart palpitations. : )

More of the playing boys...

Jordy and Nater Tot want to get in on the outside action.

Here are all eight of the great grandbabies, including sweet girl Avery Brooke! What will she do around these maniac boys? (By the way, Luke is second from the left. You know the saying "every party has a pooper"? Well, Luke is seconds away from giving that a whole new meaning.)

Silly boys...

...who eventually were very tired boys.

We just had a fantastic day with our family - can't beat it!

One more picture: here's Luke yesterday in his Rangers gear, and apparently he was a lucky charm! I love this look on his face: "What? You talkin' to me? I'm trying to eat here, people!"

That's all from us. My goal between now and the next post is to learn how to insert a slide show. We'll see how I fare with that goal with all of my spare time... : ) Have a blessed week!


Becca said...

Great pictures! I love that picture you got of Nathan and Jordan in the window! We had so much fun on Easter at Granny's house too. I will never forget that BIG hug/tackle that Luke gave to William...it was AWESOME!

Heather said...

What a punkin! I miss you lots!! I am so glad that you Easter was so blessed in many ways! Love, H

Is it summer yet? I am SOOO ready!