Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kickin' It in the Cozy Coupe!

Because the bluebonnet pictures we had planned yesterday got rained out - darn it! - Jeremy, Luke, and I decided we would celebrate the arrival of the weekend and our tax refund and head to Toys 'R Us. Copious amounts of toys and clothes later, we headed home and started what no one expected to be an epic task: the assembly of the Cozy Coupe.

To be fair, before I continue, Jeremy did 99.5% of the work. I contributed about 0.5% of the work. I offered some help awkwardly trying to snap pieces into place, which usually resulted in entire sections of the car falling apart. So to the parents out there considering a Cozy Coupe, be forewarned: it is not easy to put together. On the contrary, you'll likely expend about 3 beers' worth of effort. :-) But on the bright side, your child will likely think it's the best thing ever.

Luke was super excited about his sweet ride even before it was put together. I headed downstairs to find Luke was ready to be on board, even if all the little pieces weren't perfectly put together.

By the time it was done, Luke was super stoked! It was too rainy to ride outside, and it's tough to make the wheels turn on the carpet, so Luke hunkered down, drive-in movie style, in front of the TV. I'm sure that just when that little guy thought Mickey Mouse Clubhouse couldn't get better, the Cozy Coupe comes along. So far, it's rocking his little world... in the best of ways. Of course, we need to have a pretty serious talk with him about drinking (juice) and driving.

Have a great week, everyone!


Becca said...

Hey, we put the boys' coupe cars together last weekend! Bryan thought it was a beating to put that thing together too! Nathan and Jordan LOVE their cars, too! Cute pics! I love that little Luke!

Anonymous said...

Every kid loves the Cozy Coupe! Although I didn't knowk that was what it was called! :) Love, H