Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hooray - it's May!

May is here, and so far, we're having a blast! Yesterday, we had friends over for barbecue. My college roommates and great friends Heather and Brooke came over, along with Scott (Heather's husband), Sadie and Kylie (Heather and Scott's girls), and Lauren (Brooke and our friend from college who was in town from Houston). We had a fantastic time, even though - of course! - Luke opted to take about half as long of a normal nap. It's because of that sleepiness that he looks so blase about being inverted.
Here are some highlights of our get-together:

Sadie and Luke captivated by a little Mickey Mouse.

Luke chewing a car because he has MORE teeth coming in.
A sleepy Luke and clingy Hannah show their dad some love:

Sweet Sadie Bird enjoying a brownie.

Kylie, the Shark Expert

Come this morning, Luke was still exhausted, even after almost 12 hours of sleep. Here he reclines while eating breakfast.

He eases into getting ready for church by helping Dad with a little iTouch Monopoly 

 Pre-nap, he hangs in the Cozy Coupe...

And post-nap, we take it out for a spin in the neighborhood!
We've had a great weekend that we hope kicks off an even better month! Have a great one, everyone!

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