Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kate's Second Month

As I write this, Kate is almost eleven weeks old. She was technically two months old on June 3, and, in a perfect world, I would have written this much closer to then. 

Why does it matter so much, you ask? 

It's because I lost the vast majority of the pictures of Kate's second month since they were on my iPhone... that no longer works because of water damage... that occurred because Luke dropped it in the toilet. 

I like to think that every now and again, a reader can learn something from visiting this site. Today's lesson: if you're using an electronic device such as an iPhone for a reinforcement tool for potty training, be dang sure it's protected. 

I do have a few pictures though, so I will do my best to share! 

The main event of Kate's second month of life was anticipating and having her cataract removal surgery. It went as beautifully as possible. A week afterwards, we returned to her ophthalmologist to get her contact lens. Here she is before getting her contact...

...and here she is afterwards.
She will have to wear a patch over her right eye (the good one) for 20% of the time she's awake until she has lens replacement surgery at approximately age 5. Every day is a math problem: "If a child must wear an eye patch for 20% of the time she's awake, and she's awake x hours and y minutes a day, then for how long should she wear her eye patch?" For now, we have her wear it roughly 45-60 minutes. To know me at all is to be certain that I obsess over getting this down to the exact minute. It's a good thing I'm married to Jeremy*, who loves challenges such as these: "Babe, how much is 20% of four and a half hours?" And he can figure it out. In his head. It's amazing.

*Did y'all know Jeremy was a UIL Number Sense state champion back in the day? Seriously! 

Since the lens is gas permeable, we only have to remove it and clean it every two weeks. We've only had to do this once. Let me tell you, it isn't my favorite! I know we will get better with practice, but it's nerve wracking for all involved. 

What matters most is that we have a precious, healthy girl. We went to see Dr. Scott for her two month checkup, and here are the vitals:

Height: 21.25" at birth, 23.5" at two months. Kate is in the 90th percentile in height. She's already realizing dreams her mother will never know! :)

Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz at birth, 12 lbs 1 oz at two months. WOW! 

Head size: 15.5" at two months, up from whatever at birth. (I don't think they measured it at all. Seems weird, but oh well!) 

Kate's two month appointment was exactly two months from her birthdate, so we came home and took her two month onesie pics! (Well, and a bath one. She likes bathtime so much!)

 The last one in the chair makes me giggle. :) 

Kitty Kate is really filling out! :) 

At this point, I still think she and Luke look like siblings but don't look too alike, if that makes sense. You can visit this link to see Luke at this age. :) 

Finally, here's a little video of the sweet girl.

 We love our beautiful Katherine!

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