Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family Fun

The end of June marked an awesome event: a visit from our Kansas cousins and aunts Megan and Tara! It was a brief visit over only a few days, but it was great to see everyone and catch up (or rather, as much as adults can catch up when kids are around :D).

Before I show some events, I'll show off Kate's fashions from the weekend.

Here's our little mermaid. :) So cute! 

And showing off her swimsuit...! (Eeek! So stinkin' cute!)

Kate gives the camera a sissy face.

Kate's cousins Tessa and Campbell took great interest in her. So sweet! 

We spent a lot of our time playing outside. Jeremy played ladderball with JD and Campbell (and, truth be told, played the role of referee).

 Uncle Johnny made Luke's day with some pool play. (For days and days after we heard, "Luuuuuuke.... Wobewts... TO-THE-RESCUE!")

And we capped off the weekend with some pictures of the grandkids. I only have one with Grand and his grandkids (minus Parker, who was in Chicago recovering from a knee injury. We missed him!).

(Apparently the Roberts babies wanted to showcase their stomachs in the picture.)

It's always so great to be together, and we can't wait to have the family together again soon!

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