Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 18 - That Day I Was Pinterest Mom

I've been doing this mothering gig for almost five years now, and in that time, I've learned the following (NOT a comprehensive list):

  1. Just when you think you get the hang of something, it changes.
  2. You might think that there's no way you will get so concerned about the frequency, consistency, and color of your child's poo... but you will. Seriously, I don't get it, but it's so true.
  3. Laundry. It NEVER ends. I remember Mom telling me that she thought that dirty clothes did nasty things together and reproduced in the hamper. I'm now convinced she's right. 
  4. Some days, you're the windshield. Some days, you're the bug. Stated differently: there are days when I feel like I am the worst mother ever and others when I feel like I am OWNING this motherhood gig.
 June 18 was a day I WORKED it. 

It started like any other day. But by its conclusion, I successfully completed two Pinterest mom projects. Holla! 

First - not a cute selfie at all, but I had company, and he's cute.

Pinterest project #1: write the alphabet (in random order) on a sheet of typing paper. Then, unearth the alphabet magnets from back in the day. Finally, occupy Luke for a good 7-10 minutes. Score! 
By the way - Luke is a beautiful child (duh), but I think this may be the first unfortunate picture of him I got as I (unintentionally) caught him rubbing his nose.

Note: that black eye came from a middle-of-the-night run in with his blinds. Ow! :(
Pinterest Project 2: Go to the dollar store. Buy shaving cream (it even smelled like raspberries). Add food coloring... and get bathtub paint!!!

A lovely bathtime surprise...!

Kate, unimpressed and uninterested, just kicks it in her swing, apparently super solemnly. :)

If you try this at home, please note: it will make the bath water look super gross. I assure you I'm not bathing Luke in lake water here.

So: it's not much, but for one brief day, I felt like the fun crafty mom. I mean, for many of you out there reading this, this wouldn't so much be a special day as it is a routine one, but Luke and I had fun... and I have plenty of raspberry-scented shave cream. Win-Win! :)

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