Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Milestones

Luke is two months old, and big sister Hannah is three years old! That's 21 in dog years, and, to celebrate and to cope with the new stress that has entered her life over the past eight weeks, Hannah broke into our liquor cabinet. Here she is dealing with her massive hangover. (Please note that I'm kidding. I don't let my dog drink. It's just a funny picture.)
Here are a few attempts I made at taking his monthly milestone picture in his glider next to his bear. I couldn't keep him from slumping over (though I tried two days, as evidenced by his different outfits), but you get the idea. The good news is that his slumped poses highlight his "Buddha belly." Luke is still a hearty eater and, though a semi-frequent volcanic barfer, he's clearly keeping enough food down to stay plump.

My return to work has been great in many ways but so difficult in others. The toughest part is that during the work week, I miss Luke's peak happy hours (usually 9:00 a.m. to noon) and see him during his fussiest period: the 7:00-10:00 p.m. Scream Fest. I called my mom Wednesday night convinced Luke didn't love me or know that I was his mom because he hadn't smiled at me in days. She assured me that, contrary to what I thought, he didn't smile nonstop from the time I dropped him off to the time I picked him up. I guess the good part of all of this is that I definitely treasure the time I do have with him, especially this weekend! I basically didn't leave him alone all day Saturday, and I caught some pictures of him smiling this morning. (Well, I guess more accurately, this is on his way out of a smile... it is tough getting a picture of a squirmy kid!) He is all kinds of happy... until he realizes how long it has been since he last ate, and then he raises hell. I did not get a picture of that for you, though his mopey, pushed out bottom lip face is the cutest damn thing I've ever seen.... is that wrong for me to say?A few more things. I took some "nudes" of Luke so you could see his hysterical tummy. I think his torso is shaped like an upside-down cupcake: narrow ribs and then POW - big ole gut. Hysterical! He's also getting lots of fat rolls on his arms and legs. So precious!Also, Luke's new favorite is his mobile! This has been a godsend during Scream Time, as he listens to his music and zones out, watching his dragonflies "fly" above him and/or stare at his bumper pad. You can also see him in his Halloween outfit. I know, I know - we're no fun for not doing a costume. But most are sized 0-9 months... that would swallow him! We'll save the fun for next year when he's more into it and can trick or treat and get something besides the all-formula-all-the-time diet he's on now. Luke says, "I love Mummy." And Mummy loves Luke. : ) Happy Belated Halloween, everyone!

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