Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

As seems to be the custom these days, there were lots of chances to sport costumes. The first was at Kate's school on Thursday: a costume parade! I recycled Luke's old pirate costume, and Kate wore it Thursday - with her very own eye patch! Years ago, I kept Luke's costume on a hunch that maybe someday he would have a little brother or sister that would play dress up with it. God, confirming His sense of humor, was like "DO I HAVE THE BABY FOR YOU!" So when life hands you a congenital cataract, you go with the pirate costume and the sparkly eye patch your little girl would have been wearing four hours that day anyway. ;) 

On Halloween itself, Luke's school had a costume parade. Luke's class was to dress like a character from a favorite book. Luke's loved his Waldo app for years, so when I spotted a red-and-white striped t-shirt on the online clearance rack at Old, we made things happen! 

Is there a sweeter little boy in the world? I think not! :)

On Halloween night, we headed to Aunt Jackie and Uncle Johnny's house to celebrate with cousins and friends. Since Luke loves his Mario and Sonic Wii games, we decided to sport Mario Brothers costumes. Well, Monkey Luke was into it for... well, the minute we got this picture. (And you'll note Jeremy holding his hands down was the only way we got a picture with a mustache!)

Halloween challenges Luke, and sweet boy didn't really care to trick or treat. We didn't fight it. He stayed back with his Honey and Grand and enjoyed the trick or treats they and his Granny prepared for him. He had some cookies, grapes (not simultaneously), and time playing with Honey's phone... he did Halloween his way. :)

Here's our little Princess Peach. (It is virtually impossible to get a picture of her being still, so most of these are blurry.) 

Here's a collage of the whole family: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and... Queen Peach I guess? :) 

We love these little people so much it's scary! :) 

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