Wednesday, December 3, 2014

20 Months Old!

Oh Katherine Anne... no one is sassier than you! You're growing up so fast. Just a year ago, your spunk was just emerging... 

Today? FULL-THROTTLE SASS. I'm not going to pretend that you don't wear me out, but I know this much: things sure are fun with you around, and I wouldn't trade you for anything! 
You know no fear, and you have little to no restraint. It keeps me on my toes FOR SURE. Your favorite places to play are on top of the kitchen table...

Near and with the contents of the tupperware cabinet (and you even have your own empty cabinet. At least once a day, you get one of your purses on your arm, look at me, say "bye bye," and go into your cabinet. Goober :D)... 

And inside of baskets of every shape and size... 

You love church... finally! I think it helps that you are now going to Mothers Day Out twice a week. No more tears when I drop you off - you are so happy to be there! You love your MDO class, and on Sundays, you have fun seeing your cousins, Harper and Carson. I don't think you're going to fit in that table much longer though! 

You have a great time in the playroom, too! It takes you very little time to empty every cubby hole onto the floor. Neatness is soooo boring. 

I think your big brother is warming up to you, albeit gradually. With his busy schedule of school and ABA, you don't see him all that often. When he gives you hugs (90% of the time at Daddy or Mommy's urging), your face lights up. You love him so! 

How y'all spend about 75% of your time together...

A little dinner time solidarity here - you wanted out of your chair, and he wanted out of his required eating. Grimaces and tears all around! 

Shopping cart fun! (Daddy took this and said that there was lots of elbowing and fighting going on. #SiblingProblems) 

You are quite the copycat. We had an unfortunate 10-day period where at least one member of the family was sick. I was taking everyone's temperature constantly - and it didn't take long for you to want to take your own. 

It's getting colder outside, so you've gotten to wear your big, fluffy pink coat. It is awesome - even if it doesn't leave you a lot of room to wiggle around when you wear it in the car seat. 

Just an obligatory shot of a)cute pig tails and b)this fun pink shopping CARt at the grocery store! 

Hmmm, let's see... what else are you up to? 

You're saying more and more words all the time. I feel like what we hear most are ELLLLLLLLLMO* and DEH-DALES (Veggie Tales). Those are your favorite movies. 
*Not many people a that Elmo actually has about seven syllables. Girl, you say his name for about a full eight-count! :)

You do family roll call when we're in the car, just the two of us. It goes like this...

K: Da da! 
Me: Daddy's at work! 
K: Ma ma! 
Me: Mama's right here with you! 
K: Kkkkkkkuh 
Me: Luke is at school! 

When it comes to food, you're still using pretty generic labels ("nnnnnnnacccks" for snacks, for instance), but you've moved from signing "more" to actually saying it. When you ask for something, when I say, "What do you say?" you follow up with an emphatic, "PEAS!" (please) 

What you're saying more than anything lately is "NO WAY!!!!" To be clear: you don't just say, "no." It's "no waaaaay! No waaaaaaay!" followed with passionate, furious, head shaking and fit-throwing. EPIC. Fortunately your mood swings to the sweet extreme pretty often, but girl, your screams could break glass!

You still love pushing carts/strollers/baskets around and building towers with your Mega Blocks. You also thoroughly enjoy coloring, and I hear from your MDO teachers that you love painting, though I am not quite brave enough to try that at home! 

You still pretty much eat anything. You made us laugh at dinner on our tenth (!) wedding anniversary by just grabbing my taco and taking a bite like a boss. :)

Your sense of style is... unique. For reasons I can't begin to understand, you love your brother's Mario toboggan. Here you decided it would look great with your Aggie shirt and jeans... and just ONE of your socks and shoes. Whatever, man.

You turned 20 months old two years to the day that we found out we were having a baby girl. Kate, you are spirited, sassy, and sweet! You can run me ragged, but when you end my days snuggled up to me like this... 

... well, let's just say you TOTALLY REDEEM yourself. :)

Being your mommy is an experience like no other - and I couldn't be happier! Would I trade you for any other little girl? Why, noooooooo waaaaaaaaaay! :)

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