Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hayride and Picnic and Bee Sting - Oh My!

We just wrapped up a rough week at the Roberts' household. Luke was under the weather Tuesday through Thursday and missed a day and a half of school. We were so happy he was feeling better by Friday since it was the day of the kindergarten field trip! Luke and his friends rode the bus to the Green Meadows petting farm and pumpkin patch, and Jeremy and I met him there. We figured if he started to feel sick or lose interest to the point of being problematic, we could sign him out and bring him home, but we were hoping for the best.  

We were a little worried when the first thing he said to us was, "Daddy's car" - Luke code for "let's get out of here." Over time we got him to warm up to the place, first by petting some animals, including this friendly fellow...

We went on a hayride... 

He petted some more animals (unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures) and thoroughly enjoyed the playground before it was time for the picnic lunch. 

(Doesn't Jeremy look like he's trying to be so tough? Ha!)

I was feeling very hopeful. It was about 11:15, and the kids would board the bus to head back to school at 12:30. I thought, okay, he is going to make it the whole time! 

Alas... it wasn't meant to bee.

I hate all insects with the fire of a thousand suns, and that only intensified Friday because A BEE STUNG MY BOY. I don't care that Luke was actually grabbing said bee. Doesn't matter. Bees are jerks. 

Poor Luke just LOST IT. The little fellow just cried and cried for all the visiting kindergarteners to see (4-5 schools' worth). It broke our hearts! Teachers and fellow parents were so sweet and helpful, and his little friends were quite worried about him. We decided to take him home early so we could keep an eye on him. 

Lots of tears, Motrin, and Benadryl later, Luke calmed down. Believe me, I gave that sweet boy whatever he wanted. Let's not judge me for the amount of Cheetos he had, okay? He was so worn out that he fell asleep. This was the first time Luke took a nap in almost 2.5 years... seriously! 

You've got to take the good with the bad, I suppose. Most of the day was great; it just ended a little yuckily. When I headed up to school later that day to get his backpack, no fewer than ten people asked me how he was doing. It's clear that Luke is bee-loved by his GES family. 

(Okay, no more bee puns. :D)

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Personally, I enjoyed the pun! And the story as well. Keep on blogging.