Monday, April 8, 2013

Kate's First Photo Shoot!

Here's our sweet girl! 

One thing I feel for sure after a second baby: time FLIES. I mean, it always has, but as I sit writing this way after the fact, our time in the hospital feels like an eternity ago!

Day 2 in the hospital was full of visits - the hearing test, the birth certificate people, lots of odds and ends. 

One visitor was the hospital photographer. Here are a few of the good ones - I am SO impressed with how great they are!

Becca visited on her lunch break from school, which was so sweet! We also had visits from my friend Amanda from work (and her husband and beautiful little boy, Emerson, who is about 10 days older than Kate!), additional visits from Honey and Granny, and a visit from Aunt Jackie. 

I spent the second night at the hospital sans Jeremy, who went home to give Luke a much-needed dose of normalcy. I'll say this much: it was a tearful goodbye, because we were both so sad that we couldn't all FOUR be together. Fortunately, it wouldn't be long before we'd be reunited!

Continuing with the "time flies" theme, before I knew it, it was Friday morning - time to get released! Throw your hands in the air if you're ready to come home! 

Here's Kate's going home outfit...

And here she is loaded up and ready to hit the road! 

We weren't heading home just yet though. Turns out that God had a little surprise in store for us, and before we could go home, we had to make one more doctor's visit to check on our little Kitty Kate...

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