Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013: Part Two

And now - here are the pictures from Easter Sunday itself! 

Just as Thursday through Saturday were busy, Easter Sunday itself flew by, but we had a great day! It started with us oversleeping... oops! Luke actually gave me a good look at the camera before we left for church. Hooray! :) 

 Here's a snapshot of his Easter basket. In the front are the eggs we dyed together! :)

Following church, we ate lunch at my parents' house. The highlight? Well, after lunch, we got Luke and JD to throw around some balls. We gradually got them to play a game... which ended with Luke chasing JD to throw the ball (ever-so-gently :D) at him. It was really awesome to see Luke truly engaged with his cousin and playing a game with him! They had a lot of fun! 

About 30 minutes after lunch, we zipped over to Granny's house to hunt eggs (AGAIN!) with our cousins. I think at this point, Luke was kind of over the massive egg hunt. Fortunately, his precious cousin Nathan helped him get into things a bit more. Sweet little Nater Tot is the best! 

And finally - the group shot! We did our best to get the cousins looking at the camera. Of course we missed sweet Harper and Carson, but they'll be with us next Easter- along with THREE ADDITIONAL BABY GIRLS! Oh Calvert family functions are about to get even more fun! 

Finally - after amazing dessert that put Jeremy and I in sugar comas - we came home. We watched a little basketball and finished Easter with one more egg hunt in our back yard with our newly-delivered eggs from the Easter Bunny. Luke enjoyed this smaller-scale egg hunt, in part because he could kick some goals. He even wore his ears from his school hunt again, and for almost an hour! So cute.

Oh do I love him so! 

I hope you had a Happy Easter, too! Next post? Well, my plan is that my next post is a birth announcement! :) Stay tuned!

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