Friday, December 28, 2012

Roberts Christmas in Winona

We decided a few weeks ago that it would work best for all of the branches of the Roberts family tree to do Christmas before Christmas. This made for a very busy December 17-21: I finished a semester (and all of the grading that accompanied it), Jeremy had a killer work week, we both finished our shopping and wrapping, and... when we got in the car on Saturday the 22nd, we took a deep exhale. : ) Time to enjoy the holidays! 

Jeremy's parents were so hospitable as always! On Saturday night, we enjoyed a mellow evening of grilled burgers* (so tasty!) and catching up. It was nice to have a smaller group before all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins arrived so that Luke could have some quality Grandma and Grandpa time. But I think the week had caught up with us - Luke was unusually tired. Like jaw-unhinged yawns as early as 6:30 p.m.! So we turned in early - which was good, because we had a busy day ahead! 

*I can't help but notice how food-oriented this post and my last have been, and I'm sure upcoming holiday posts will be, too! Let's just say that I've really enjoyed being past the queasy part of pregnancy during the holiday season. YUM...! Gotta savor it now, because this time next year, I bet I'll hardly have time to sit down at a table with TWO kiddos! 

Before everyone arrived Sunday, I was able to snap some shots of Luke in one of his pairs of Christmas jammies AND Donna's Christmas decor. 

Here he is by the tree. 

Here he is - astonished by the flash - in front of their mantle. EVERYONE has a stocking... all 16 of us!

After we got cleaned up, Jeremy and Luke took a walk. I tried to get a few shots to showcase Pete and Donna's property. In short: it's huge, and it is so crazy hearing about how Jeremy played as a kid. Some days, he'd leave the house in the morning and just come home by dinner time, all day spent playing in the woods. It's neat to hear about (and so different from growing up in suburbia)!

Here, Luke heads back to Grandma and Grandpa's house... he must sense it's almost lunch time!

By the way - because you know I have to give you a food update - we had ham, potato salad, green bean casserole, and chips and queso. (The last thing there is a little random, but you know what? It was all AWESOME!) YUM! 

So apologies to my niece Alex, who I know is not going to care for this picture, but it's the best shot I could get of what I just loved about the trip! One of my wonderful coworkers bought Luke an advent calendar which had a chocolate behind each of the days counting down until Christmas. Luke cares nothing about eating chocolate**, but he LOVES numbers. So he had a blast finding each number, opening the door, taking out the chocolate, and feeding it to each family member! It was precious, awesome, fantastic, and every other superlative adjective you can think of. He was really interactive with everyone, which was so great to see. 

**It almost undoes the disappointment that he doesn't like chocolate. ;) I'm KIDDING, of course. 

Soon it was time for the big rip. These presents? They are for baby sister. So yeah... she's spoiled before she's even born. : ) 

Everyone had a blast. It was so fun seeing the girls, Alyssa and Halle, get so excited about their gifts. And I didn't get pictures, but Luke had an awesome Christmas - he got some cute clothes, some pajamas, a cool tent contraption (that I think his daddy has had as much fun with as he has), and a garage with cars from Grandma and Grandpa that he has had so much fun with! 

It was a short visit but a great kickoff to a wonderful Christmas!

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