Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve

(Quick preface: there is not a dedicated blog post to the Calvert Christmas festivities of December 23. My apologies to the generous hosts, the Humphreys, and all of our Calvert comrades... frankly, we were worn out from our Winona road trip, and I didn't take pictures. Next year!)

Since all of my parents' kids got married, we have transitioned our Christmas gift-opening to Christmas eve night. Over time, it's evolved into a great tradition, and this year, it was even better because my sister Megan and nephew Parker were in town!

Meg and I got together for lunch that day, which was great. I do NOT have a picture of us... I'm not feeling super cute at 24+ weeks pregnant. But it was so great to steal some sister time before the night's festivities!

We headed to our church's candlelight service (props to me for not burning my infinity scarf... I can't begin to tell you how worried I was about this!), and afterwards, we went to Honey and Grand's for a great Italian dinner and the 2012 Big Rip. It's an embarrassment of riches, that's for sure!

Here are Parker and JD "making it rain" with tissue paper. 

Luke's Uncle Chris got him a guitar! At the time, Luke didn't really process its awesomeness (though, appropriately enough, there was a point when JD was playing with Luke's guitar and Luke was playing with one of JD's toys. Cousins...), but he has since been making "beautiful music" on it. (And by beautiful music, I mean stuff that sounds like the Beatles' weird, psychedelic, experimental stuff.)

Aunt Tara got Luke a super hero cape. ADORABLE!!!! 
Luke got a whole slew of other awesome things - he's such a blessed boy! So did Mommy and Daddy and baby sister, who is already compiling quite a wardrobe. As you can see, cousin JD didn't fare so poorly either...
Aunt Megan got Luke a BIG WHEEL!!! So cool!

In short, it was a great night. We got some great presents, but the best part was the presence of our loved ones. See what I did there? :)

We headed home a little late... but we got there and got in bed quickly so Santa could visit! More on him soon! 


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