Wednesday, October 13, 2010

State Fair and Roommate Reunion

This past weekend was a great one: all of my college roommates were in town, ostensibly for the A&M-Arkansas game (which I am SO glad we didn't attend in person), but mainly so we could get our kids together and just catch up since we're in DFW, New York, and Houston! It is hard to believe that it's been over ten years since we were innocent college kids who thought we knew it all! I'm telling you, I VIVIDLY recall the joys of going to lay out at the TAMU Rec Center pool for a few hours, just because. If you're in college and reading this, listen: ENJOY THE FREEDOM THAT PRECEDES GRADUATION. You will long for it in your thirties!

Anyway - enough of my preaching. State Fair picture time! Here are Luke and I riding the whale. He really enjoyed it - it went around and up and down.

Here are Luke and Sadie (Heather's youngest) on the gator ride. I'm pretty sure this will be on their slide show video at their wedding!
Here are all of our precious kiddos: Heather's girls Kylie and Sadie; Susan's girls Anna and Kate; and my uncooperative Luke (who, about 0.5 seconds after this picture was snapped, ran off about 20 feet in the opposite directions. Keeps us on our toes, that one.)
BUT, the Fair Day fun wore him out!

Finally, here are the Girls of Broken Arrow (plus Kylie). We don't look a day over 21, do we? ; )

I'm so thankful for these friends who have been here for me for so long. I love you girls - you're such a great blessing!

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Anonymous said...

Right back atcha' girl! We are so blessed to have such fun college memories together! I wouldn't have roomed with anyone else...because they may not have been cool with havin' a Christmas tree :) Love ya'!