Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Boy Clothes

I'm pretty sure that all moms of small children love it when their little ones "help" with the finished laundry. Luke helps by taking the clean clothes and holding them up to his face - especially when that face has a runny nose and/or drooly mouth. Recently, I just embraced it and decided we were going to try on the big boy clean clothes. First, Dad's polo...

Then, I decided we'd try on our 2010 Maroon Out shirt. (My Dad insists on buying Luke a Maroon Out shirt each year. While this will be really cool when he can actually fit into a Youth Medium - the smallest size they sell - for his entire life, from 3 weeks old to today at age 2, they are just a bit too big.) Still, Luke didn't have a problem hustling around in his shirt!

We've been busy around here, but I think I'll take advantage of the Columbus Day holiday and do a couple more posts. Stay tuned, and have a great day!

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