Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Goings On

It occurs to me that I haven't really had any big posts in a while. This is one of those strange times where, to be honest, it doesn't feel like we've been up to anything major, but the more I think about it, we've just been swamped. I think we've had something going on every weekend since Thanksgiving, just about! So that busy-ness makes it good just to chill whenever we can. With that in mind, I begin with some images from a typical Saturday morning at our house. Luke usually wakes me up anywhere from 6:45-7:15 a.m. We get up, I change his diaper, and we head downstairs. While I make his breakfast, you can usually find Luke in the following pose:

Oh my goodness does he love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! I'm pretty sure Minnie is his first love. Oh how he smiles when she's on the screen!
After a little breakfast, Luke will play with his toys. Here he is with the awesome Chuck truck he got from his good friends Kylie and Sadie. Thanks girls! : )
Now, for a nighttime image: in between sips of his pre-bedtime milk, Luke will wrestle himself away from me and get on the floor to play with his toys. Well, just as he's enjoyed climbing in and out of a laundry basket in the past (see the video on this post), he has now taken to climbing into the considerably more expensive toy containing basket I bought to "dress up" the living room. At least it's proven pretty durable - so far...

Here are some pictures of our backyard from the infamous snow we got in the D-FW area Feb. 10-12. We measured about a foot in our backyard, which is CRAZY! This is from Friday night...
...and Saturday morning:
Of course by Valentine's Day, it was sludgy brown nastiness, but that didn't dampen our spirits for a great day! Here's Luke playing with his gift from Mom and Dad before church. You can tell that's before church because his eyes aren't puffy and red. Bless his heart... let's just put it kindly and say he hasn't exactly taken to the nursery yet. I'm hopeful that changes soon!
We had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa on V-day, and we went to Babe's in Roanoke for an awesome lunch! Luke was so good - probably because we fed him before. Here's the sweet, blue-eyed boy:
I had hoped to take a picture of him with Pete and Donna when we got home, but the excitement of snow, church, and a restaurant lunch wore him out. Better luck next time.
Finally, here's a picture of the little guy in his new Mickey Mouse shirt. He is our (not so) little heartbreaker!

That's about it for now! I hear we have snow in the forecast this week... yuck. The novelty of our winter wonderland has worn off... come on, Spring!
I may not write again for a couple of weeks in preparation for a big post for Luke's 18 month birthday on March 3! To put it very lightly, it sure has flown by!
Have a great weekend and week! : )


Sam and Courtney said...

He is so adorable!!!! What happened to Baby Luke??? I love reading your blog and keeping up with y'all!

The Three Tenners said...

Gosh, he is getting so big! Abby, too, is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. That's all she wants to watch! In fact, as I type this, she is watching it quite contently! Cute, cute pics. I can't believe he's about to me 18 months. It seems like yesterday I was at your baby shower! Holy cow!