Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Praise of PJs

Here's Daddy's Little Sidekick! (And thanks Honey for these adorable PJs!)
This past week - the final week of Christmas break - has been wonderful. It hasn't been without its challenges (more on that in a bit), but we've enjoyed lots of rest and relaxation after all of our festivities of the holidays. (On the flip side, our Christmas decor could still be up for the Super Bowl, but I digress...) And what better way to rest and relax than in brand new jammies? Luke got quite a few pairs of PJs this Christmas, and since he's felt a little crummy, they've been his exclusive wardrobe choice.

Little Luke went to the doctor Wednesday because he had an almost 102 degree fever. Long story short, his ears, nose, and throat are all clear, but he has MORE molars coming through, and the fever and fussiness were all but completely attributed to his chompers wreaking havoc. All of his bottom teeth are here (or at least are just beneath the surface), and his top teeth are just about all in. Folks, he's 16 months old tomorrow. I think this is freakishly soon, but what do I know? I do know that, as you see in the first picture above, Luke's fingers and/or paci have been in his mouth basically every waking moment these past few days. Poor little guy. At least he's sporting cute jammies! (Top pic and video jammies are from Grandma and Grandpa; the Rockstar and blue/green stripes are from... me. I'm obsessed, what can I say?) Check them out...

And finally, a video highlighting one of his favorite activities at Honey and Grand's house:

Happy New Year, friends! Hope 2010 brings great blessings to everyone!

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