Thursday, February 4, 2010

Officially 17 months old!

First of all: I know, I know! Almost three weeks since my last post. In my defense, it's been one of those months where we've had something every weekend. Because there are essays that need grading, I'll keep it brief. I cannot believe that my little monkey is 17 months old! He is running all over the place and, believe me, he has no fear. He is ready to run down stairs (don't worry: I'm not letting him. I think he's getting tired of my insistence that he scoot down on his "biscuits," but so be it.), and you remember that lovely chair from Pottery Barn Santa brought him? It's basically a jungle gym now. Awesome. I'm pretty sure my immediate focus will not be instructing him about phonics, letters, colors, etc., but saving him from himself. I think keeping him out of a full-body cast is going to be my sole occupation this summer!

Below are some pictures from Judson's third birthday party. Judson is the son of our good friends Jeff and Laura, and let me tell you, they host an awesome kid party! We were a little concerned given that Luke was crying as soon as we walked in (he's in a big "stranger danger" phase), but within minutes, he was running around with the older kids and flinging inflatable tires around. Woo hoo! I'm sure he'll have just as much fun this weekend when his cousins Nathan and Jordan celebrate their first birthday!
Here are Judson (hugging the blue tire) and Luke:
"Oh my gosh, this is so cool!"
Here is a picture of sweet Beckham, the son of Jeremy's college friend Bobby and his wife Emily. Isn't he a doll?
This is just a picture I snagged during one of Luke's baths. I zoomed in on those gorgeous peepers. (By the way: why is it that boys have such long, lush eyelashes? No fair!)

TGIF! I know this weekend couldn't come soon enough!

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Anonymous said...

Awe, he is the cutest little monkey ever! I just want to squeeze him! I love how active he is! 100% boy. See you tomorrow...I cannot wait! Love, H