Monday, September 21, 2009

Shoe-tiful Disaster

About the title - it's a weak pun, for sure, but I tried, so be nice, okay? : )

Here's a picture of Luke getting his "first shoes" at Nordstrom. It was kind of a sitcom moment - he was silent and angelic in that stroller until the approximately 22 year old kid came out with the shoe sizer. Then Luke just SOBBED. He sobbed when I stood him on the sizer, he sobbed when I tried the shoes on him, and he sobbed for minutes afterward, even with a balloon and a toy. Somehow or another, we did manage to get a nice photo of the occasion... thank goodness! Anyway, if you were at the North East Mall Nordstrom on Saturday and your ears are still ringing, we apologize. And to our sales associate: you fought a good fight, and I wish you nothing but compliant, happy children to fit for prosperity (or at least until the economy improves and you can pursue other gigs).

Have a great week!

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