Sunday, September 6, 2009

Luke's First 1st Birthday Bash

Yesterday we had the first of Luke's birthday parties at our house. It was a great time with Jeremy's family and some of our friends, and we're so thankful to all of you who were here to shower Luke with gifts and love!

Here's Luke's birthday present from us: his Learning Farm. The picture above shows when he figured out you could crawl through it, a pretty cool feature indeed. It makes all kinds of noise and is lots of fun for Luke. For Hannah? Well, it's probably another good reason she's on anti-anxiety meds. (If you don't know that story, let me know.) Thanks to all for the great gifts! He has so many fun new toys, and his Aunt Kerry essentially bought him an outfit a day for the winter season. : ) We appreciate everyone's thoughtfulness!

Here Luke is with the cake... and with me playing defense to be sure he didn't put that little hand right through the candle flame.

We still need to watch Jeremy's video of the singing and feeding, but in a nutshell, Luke is not a big fan of cake. Kind of disappointing, I know. He did enjoy some Blue Bell ice cream (who doesn't?), and clearly he loved getting the frosting on himself. (Red frosting? Not one of my better ideas, but oh well. ;D) But the good news is that after his frosting bath, he got to go to one of his favorite places...

Ahhhhhh... bath time. Big day, lots of great gifts and company, ice cream, and a bath in the afternoon? Does it get better than this? (This bubble goatee he's sporting is totally not staged, by the way.)
Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend! Tomorrow we'll celebrate the second soiree. Look for pictures late Monday or sometime next week!

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