Sunday, September 27, 2009

Snacking and Shuffling...

You may recall from a previous post that Luke had not yet warmed up to two usually beloved foods, Oreos and mac and cheese. The picture doesn't show his cheese-covered mouth all that well, but that is a baby Oreo he is devouring. He IS my baby!
I assure you that he does not eat these foods together - yuck! But he is all about grown-up food right now, so if it doesn't come out of one of those sissy jars, Luke is super interested.

Luke took his first solo steps about a week after his birthday, but he isn't walking on his own all that often. Instead, he pushes things around - whatever he can get his hands on. I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if I saw him pushing the coffee table around as determined as he is. His favorites are laundry baskets. his musical table, and, oddly enough, his high chair. Enjoy the pics and videos below, and have a great week!

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