Monday, June 8, 2009

Updates - 9 months old, first fat lip, and other shenanigans...

Hello there everybody! Since I last blogged, Luke turned 9 months old, I finished my sixth year of teaching, we received a contract on our house, and have one in the works that could be our next home! Throw in Mr. Luke's constant crawling, pulling up, and jibber jabbers, and we have been a very busy crew!
Friday was a very rough day for Luke - he suffered his first busted lip. He pulled himself up on a table, lost his balance, fell, and his bottom teeth cut his top lip. He was at Mimi's (Mon./Fri. babysitter) when this happened. I'm pretty sure Mimi was more traumatized than Luke! Anyway, this happened about 30 minutes before I picked him up for his 9-month appointment. I have a picture from about eight or so hours after the fact; it looks significantly better than it did when I got him!
Then it was off to the doctor's office. An aside - I have no idea how pediatricians and pediatric nurses do their jobs. Big kids seem to do fine, but the Lukes of the world just scream and scream and scream. Luke has gotten quite savvy about things. In the lobby, he's chill. But once we cross through the doors and he sees the scales, the cries commence. And continue. And grow louder and louder. Yikes. Anyway, after a finger prick for an iron test, one shot, and some pokes and prods, Luke got a clean bill of health. Here are his vitals:

Length/height: 30 inches (90th percentile for his age)
Weight: 20.25 lbs (45th percentile for his age)
Head circumference: 18.25 inches (60th percentile for his age)
So good news: he has the long and lean physique of his father. Granted, this means I'll have a hell of a time buying him pants throughout his life, but I think I'll still keep him. = ) Here are two pictures from his actual 9 month "birthday" - one of a hilarious mischievous face, and the other that zooms in on his curly hair.

I survived another year of teaching - always an accomplishment! This year I had two new "preps" (i.e., subjects): Pre-AP Junior English and AP Senior English. Awesome subjects and awesome kids, but a little daunting when combined with the new prep of the toughest (and best) course of all: motherhood. I'm happy to say that I had a good year, and I think my kids maybe even learned a thing or two. I'm thrilled I'll have the same subjects next year, and I'm loving being at GHS. If you're a student reading this, you've been a blessed part of a year full of many blessings, and I wish you wonderful summers!

As for our real estate occurrences - I don't want to jinx anything by blogging about it. Let's just say this: I feel pretty confident that this up-and-down process will be finished soon, and I hope by mid-July, I'm blogging from a new address that is much closer to my job!

I feel like this has been very long-winded, so I'll wind down. Below are some pictures from playing around the house and from our trip to the Willow Bend play land earlier this week. I have video, too; but I have to save that for another post.
Hope everyone is having a great summer! (BTW: Just popped in the Baby Shakespeare video, and Luke is mesmerized. YES!) Stay cool in this already yucky heat!


Becca said...

I love that curly hair and cute face!

Jackie said...

Lisa that mischevious pic....serious is the best thing I have seen in a while. I love that little guy!

The Tenner Trio said...

It was good to catch up with what's going on with y'all! I'm crossing my fingers on the house sell/hunt situation ~ it sounds like prayers are being answered as I type! Yay! Also, Luke is really changing so much! When did that curly hair spring up? Mine didn't come until I was at least 15-20 months! He looks so handsome and beautiful as always! Hope you are doing well, and CONGRATULATIONS on another successful and eventful year of teaching for you!