Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy busy busy!

Luke here taking over the blog since Mommy and Daddy are so tired. Mom feels bad for not having posted anything for a while, but she and Daddy have been busy looking for houses while showing ours. There were some people here this morning that sure seemed to like it, so we hope to get an offer tomorrow. I'd cross my fingers if I knew how...

...but instead I CRAWL! Man, I got the hang of it just a few weeks ago, and now I am everywhere! Mommy doesn't let me go to my favorite things (like cords and Hannah's tail), but I still find a way to have fun. Here I am modeling one of my two swimsuits. I can't wait for summer vacation!

What Mommy didn't realize before this photo shoot is that it isn't always a good idea to take pictures of me when it's just a few minutes before I'm supposed to eat. I tried to show my displeasure with her idea, first with relative subtlety.

When my pouty face didn't work, I tried a teenager, "You are so stupid, I don't even know how you function" look.

Finally, tired of negotiating, I let her have it.

Mom got the message. She fed me some lunch, and after a bottle and a change of clothes, we were good friends once again.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well! Thank you for reading my blog!

Love, Luke

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Becca said...

I laughed at the progression, or should I say digression of pictures when Luke was hungry! That is so something I would do!