Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank you!

I will post more thoroughly later, but after attending Dad's birthday party last night, I realized many of you are actually reading this blog. Thanks so much! I'm flattered and touched. Wow, that rhymed. Marcel Marceau mimed...

Okay, I'm getting carried away. A few things before I return to steaming curtains (a surprisingly difficult task) and decorating... If you're going to post a comment, please know that I've set this up so that I approve comments before they are posted. If you comment and don't see it right away, don't panic. It will show up a.s.a.p., unless you're wildly inappropriate or something. Not that any of you would ever push the envelope. ; )

More importantly, I went to the doctor this Thursday, and, without going into too great of detail, everything is progressing as it should. (Seriously, my doctor seemed giddy.) While she offered no predictions on when I'll deliver, she disclosed that she (very mercifully) doesn't let her patients go much past their due dates. Hooray!

More soon... hoping to have the nursery photo-ready today!

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