Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Early Stages of the Nursery

We still have LOTS of ground to cover getting the nursery set up, but I thought I'd post a few pictures of where we are so far. The crib and dresser are here and set up! The pictures don't show this too well, but the walls are a pale yellow-green (citrine, to be precise). I am enamored with the bedding (thanks Heather, Susan, Kerry, and Brooke!) and all of the accessories - they look great! We're still waiting on the glider to arrive, and, after that, we need to decide where to hang artwork and shelves, and I need to pick out and hang up curtains. Whoa... listing it all out like that kind of stresses me out! = \ Anyway, still some finishing touches to come, but I thought I'd show some signs of our progress thus far!
While I'm thinking about it, many people have asked about what we are going to name the baby. After a few nominees that haven't overwhelmed us, we've decided that we will name the baby once we meet him. We have a short list that includes a couple of family names - we're fairly certain his middle name will be James or Thomas - and we really, really hope we'll look at him and just know what his name should be. Please pray for us that this is the case! I don't think we ever anticipated how much the lack of a name would annoy our friends and families, many of whom have chosen some hideous names for our son (i.e., Hubert, Otto, and Sanchez) in the meantime. Take heart: we promise we aren't going to name the kid "Buddy" or choose a strange symbol a la Prince. If we do, we give you all the right to call CPS on us. You have that in writing.


The Three Tenners said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

journeys with pK and mG said...

I love to read about other peoples' lives -- so I will check up on you and Baby R. every so often. : )

Tracey said...

Nice looking nursery! I'll be stopping by to see what's new with you and your ever expanding family. I am so happy for you and Jeremy. You will be fun parents!