Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scoop from Today's Appointment

I'll get right to the point: we are waiting on a phone call about setting up an appointment to induce me late next week! I haven't progressed since my last appointment (i.e., no further dilating, he hasn't dropped, etc.), and because it takes 7-10 days out to make an induction appointment, we decided to set one up now. Of course I could go into labor naturally at any time, but having a definite end point is reassuring because, frankly, I am hitting "the wall." Even a couple of days ago, when someone asked, "When is that baby due?" I could respond with a perky smile and an irrepressible can-do attitude. Now, women are telling me about how they went days, even weeks, past their due dates. I hear these stories, look down at my Flintstone feet, and take a deep breath, quietly mustering up the strength not to punch them in the face. On the bright side, The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy cites "general pissed-offedness" as an indication that labor is imminent, so this crabbiness could mean that I could have a baby any second! = )

Well, Jeremy just announced that he's going to take the bear out of the carseat (see previous post) and that he's going to get some beer. Selfish bastard. Oh wait, nevermind. He said he'd get me something, too. If you need me, I'll be over here self-medicating with a Milky Way bar. : )

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Anonymous said...

Lisa & Jeremy,

Sounds like the little guy will be here by end of next week or hopefully sooner - I'm praying sooner! I know you two are very excited and looks like you are prepared - nursery ready to go and so cute. Hope to see one day. Take care and keep us posted. Love, Aunt Julie E.