Saturday, May 31, 2014

Luke's Pre-K Graduation

The unthinkable has happened... Luke is old enough to start Kindergarten in August. I think my heart will never live inside my body again, as I just have an enormous case of TSUNAMI FEELINGS at the thought of this prospect. Throw in that he's starting a school year this August but I am not*, and boy do my emotions bubble over even more. 

*Confession time: though I've dated this post May 31, I'm actually writing it on August 2. In 23 days from this time, Luke will have been home for about an hour after his first day of Kindergarten. It is just more than my mama heart can handle!!!! 

Anyway, this post isn't about me, but it's about Luke: my sweet, smart, beautiful boy who just wows me all the time with his gentle persistence. Not many kids his age can say they have gone to full-day pre-school or therapy of some kind from age 2.5 leading up to Kindergarten, and Luke has handled it like a champ. Granted, he's known no other way, but I've seen kids in the same boat who have struggled, God bless them. This isn't to say that Luke's days are all sunshine and rainbows, but he works so hard to learn skills that come naturally to most of us. I am immeasurably proud of him! 

We got all dressed up for the big day. He still isn't much for smiling on command, but he did pose for us on our stairs. Again, I acknowledge my bias, but Jeremy and I make some pretty babies. (And have no intention of making any more... No one get any ideas here. :D)

He was a little upset when we got to the graduation site - CHHS - I think because he wasn't very familiar and could tell things were unusual. Thankfully, an iPad helped soothe him until the ceremony began. 

Ms. Sue putting on his cap. 

Grandma and Grandpa came to see you the holiday weekend to celebrate your graduation then, but you had a big cheering section: Mommy, Daddy, Kate, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Jackie, cousins JD and Hallie, Honey, Grand, and Granny! 

Kate seemed crabby - Miss Sass probably sensed the event wasn't all about her. ;)

Jackie, Hallie, and JD cheering you on! 

I have to give major props to Ms. Molly and Ms. Natalie, the ECDC directors, who put together an incredible presentation. Every child was recognized so personally - it was absolutely spectacular! 

Here's Luke getting his diploma:

My picture of you saying your part of the ABCs of the ECDC didn't come out so good, but Luke almost grabbed the mic and went off script! I was simultaneously terrified and incredibly curious. 

Here are your Pre-K teachers: Mrs. Amy, Mrs. Rhonda, and Mrs. Sue. You've just had Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Sue this year, but they have loved on and taken great care of you! Amy has been incredibly helpful giving me advice about where you'll be going in the fall, and I could tell how much you kept Sue on her toes just by watching her corral you on graduation night! 

And I don't even know how much I can write about Mrs. Rhonda without crying... but at least no one can see me. :) Mrs. Rhonda was your first PPCD teacher for your first year, for half of your Pre-Pre-K year, and for this year. She has seen you grow up and has been such a huge part in the strides you have made. We are so incredibly thankful for the blessing she has been in our lives! We love you, Mrs. Rhonda! 
(Worth noting: I didn't get a picture of Mrs. Mary, who was your teacher last spring. She retired after this school year, and I am so thankful that you got to have her for a teacher before she did. Rhonda and Mary will always have a special place in our hearts!)

After the ceremony, we snagged some quick family pictures. 

JD finally got to wear Cousin Luke's cap. :)

Granny with two of her great-grandsons. (Gratitude abounds... how many people can say their great-grandparent was at their graduation?)

And Luke with Honey and Grand:

[Pauses to bring sobs under control] Other than Jeremy and me, no one in this world loves Lucas James more than his Honey and Grand. Nobody. 99% of the time one or both of them picked Luke up from school, found out how he did, and reported it to me. To say we couldn't have made it without them is a massive understatement. They love you more than they or I can ever say, and your graduation wouldn't have been the same without them! 

Luke and Daddy got one more snuggle, and we ditched that gown and took a family trip to Dairy Queen... because we're classy. And, we were starving. :)

I don't have any pictures of that because I was demolishing a steak finger basket at the time. 

Luke, there is no one like you. You're such a pure soul, and I know there's so much behind your sweet eyes that I can't wait for you to gain the words to express. We love you with all of our hearts, best boy! 

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