Saturday, October 6, 2012

We're Adding to Our Team!

If we're family, friends on Facebook, or coworkers, you already know this big news...

Luke is going to be a big brother! :)

We are absolutely overjoyed that I have a baby due on April 16, 2013. At press time, we still do not know if Luke is going to have a baby brother (or, as he pronounces it, "bruffer") or a baby sister. Regardless, we are over the moon, as we have wanted and hoped to add to our team for quite some time now! 

Here's the tale of our saga...

August 7th: Discovery Day. After much consideration, I've decided that I will not post a picture of my first positive pregnancy tests. But there were two that morning (and many other later... but more on that in a bit). I realized it shortly after Jeremy left for work, and I called him to come back home so I could tell him in person. I knew that I could NOT wait all day to tell him! :) 

So, after tears of joy and hugs, and phone calls to a couple of other select people, I called to make my first appointment... which would have to wait until September 12. UGH. This felt like an eternity. But in the meantime, I walked around with an exuberant little secret. But...

As the weeks slowly inched towards my first doctor's appointment, I felt... nervous. In large part, this is because I have a PhD in unnecessary worrying. It's like my thing. If I were a superhero, I'd be... 

But all joking aside, I didn't feel pregnant. I just didn't feel all that different. I wasn't sick at all. Case in point? Between August 7 and September 12, I took EIGHT home pregnancy tests to confirm my pregnancy. 8. And not eight that were already around the house - like additional tests I bought. ("Lisa, aren't these kind of expensive?" Jeremy would ask. Like it's cool to bring logic into the conversation or something.) And despite the fact that the later the test, the darker the plus signs, I was still nervous. Too good to be true, I thought. I frequently thought, and even said out loud, "I just wish I felt pregnant."

An aside to those who aspire to be pregnant in their lives: DO NOT EVER say this. You will unleash an onslaught of nausea, exhaustion, and aches that will knock you on your gradually-widening ass. Or at least that's what happened to me. :) 

Anyway, fast forward to September 12, 2012: my first doctor's appointment. Seriously, my symptoms appeared, like, the second I walked out of the office. But they appeared after I heard little baby's heartbeat and got this little snapshot: 

Awww. :) So, the nausea wasn't so bad. Well, I mean, it was awful, but at least it indicated that little bit was healthy and thriving.

The above picture was at 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant. At this appointment, I did learn that since I will have been 35 years old for about six weeks at my due date, I am of advanced maternal age... so I get to go to extra appointments and see a specialist since I'm sooooo old. : ) Just trying to have a sense of humor about it - in all honesty, I'm quite thankful for the extra attention.

Fast forward to my appointment at 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Here is little baby below: 

Awww! I love when the sonogram pictures actually look like small humans and not gummy bears. 

Despite Dr. Payne's best efforts (and yes, that really IS his name), we were not able to tell if that little baby is a boy or a girl. Stay tuned for our December 3rd appointment! 

So there's our saga so far. We are elated for this most wonderful of blessings. Even though this second pregnancy has been much harder for me physically, I find that I am overwhelmed with awe and gratitude. I look at Luke, and then at my growing belly... it's quite a marvel, isn't it? 

I'm so thankful for all of your support, particularly those of you who respected my wishes and kept this quiet until I was through the first trimester. (SERIOUSLY... I was so excited that I blabbed to a LOT of you, and I'm in awe that you kept the news to yourselves!) We would be thankful for your prayers for the duration of the pregnancy, too, and for the baby's arrival. We're also very mindful of how Luke will handle having a new sibling. While we know it will be so great for him, given his autism, he really has no idea what's coming (or at least as far as we know anyway). That said, he's always exceeded our expectations with every big transition he's faced, so we're hopeful... and realistic, too. :)

In conclusion: WE'RE SO STINKING EXCITED!!! I'll post a pink-or-blue entry as soon as I'm sure. :)

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