Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Luke!

I'll include a confession in yet another post: I have dated this entry closer to Luke's actual birthday, but I'm really writing it after Thanksgiving. I say that to emphasize that although Luke has been four years old for over 2.5 months now, Jeremy and I are still having a hard time believing that our sweet little man is growing up so quickly! It's cliche but true - time DOES really fly!

We were so blessed to ring in Luke's birthday with most of his family and many of his friends. We had his birthday once again at the Treehouse at the Church at the Cross, a family favorite. We had a blast! 

I was so excited when Luke and I went to Party City about a week before his big party that he actually CHOSE a theme. Granted, I gave him a choice: Dinosaurs? Or Jake and the Neverland Pirates? His reply: "Jake and Piwates." Alright, son. You got it! :)

Here's our setup...

And here is his cake! (We had to get creative... there aren't a lot of pirate cakes out there that aren't Pirates of the Caribbean and too... scary. So, this is actually a Sponge Bob cake from Tom Thumb, and we bought the Jake and the Neverland Pirates characters and ship and treasure chat candles. Jeremy and I get an A+ for parenting effort! :D)

Luke ascends the treehouse. 

His loot! :)

It's a miracle... he wore a pirate hat long enough for us to snap a picture! 

And Luke's nerdy parents were all too happy to sport pirate hats for a bit. 

When you don't really like cake and you're the birthday boy, if you want birthday wafer cookies, you get birthday wafer cookies! 

Friends and family chomping on cake and ice cream... 

Cousin JD wielding a pirate's sword... 

Luke's birthday gift to me: looking RIGHT into the camera! *airhorn*

And Luke gives his 'Aunt' Heather a gift: a big ole hug! 
I have to include one more picture from Heather's girls, Kylie and Sadie: they made Luke this birthday card. How precious is this? 

(What I can't help but wonder: assuming the artist has me in the pink bandana and Jeremy in the blue shirt, why do I have a hook for a hand? Am I the villain? :P)

To all of you who celebrated Luke's special day with us: thank you! We're so thankful for all of the friends and family who love Luke so much. Our little pirate is blessed to have you all in his life! 

To Luke: Mommy and Daddy love you more than we could ever say! You make us so proud! 

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