Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation 2012!

This summer, we took a family vacation to San Antonio. We road tripped it and had a wonderful time! 

(By the way, before I proceed, I must make a confession: though this is dated August 6, I'm actually writing about it almost four months later. I know, I know... so bad! It just goes to show you how wonderful the vacation was and how much we cherished our time away from it all - we knew that we'd get home, August would happen, we'd blink, and it'd be Thanksgiving... Turns out, that is precisely how it went!)

We spent three nights at the JW Marriott Resort in San Antonio. I HIGHLY recommend it - it is absolutely beautiful! We spent two of our three days at the resort playing at the awesome water park and the other day at Sea World. More on that in a bit... 

Here's a shot of the resort's water park from our room's balcony. If this doesn't sell you on the place, I don't know what will! 

Here is a water slide that Jeremy and I enjoyed the heck out of! Luke was still too little, but Jeremy and I took turns riding down this. So fun!

This slide is a little more Luke's speed. : )

And I'm curious: is it possible for little kids to see spraying water and NOT pretend it's coming from between their legs? :)

There were other things Luke particularly enjoyed at the resort... like riding the escalator. 

(And really - I have no idea why he was so riveted by it, but he approached it like it was a gigantic slide... which he sat on with EXTREME caution. It was too precious!)

And helping us (and other resort friends) with the elevator buttons! 

Between our resort days, we headed to Sea World*. While we had a fabulous time, I offer the following observation: if you go on July 31, you will feel about as hot as you might if you were on the sun's surface. Don't say I didn't enlighten you with this surprising fact. ;)

*To my teacher friends: I was able to get in free by providing a copy of my teaching certificate and my most recent paystub. To my friends with special needs' children: Luke and Jeremy were able to get in for half-off for a one-day pass, and the park was amazingly considerate and helpful once we informed them he had autism. If you are a teacher who also parents a child with autism... why aren't we best friends? :P

And now... the highlights! 

So our first stop was the Sesame Street area. On every app or online game, Luke LOVES Grover. At Sea World in the plush? Not so much. And Grover was kind of assertive. This picture doesn't really show Luke's resistance to his advances.

This one does though. Poor guy. 
However, he LOOOOOOVED the Bay of Play. Jeremy and I wanted to run around in those water sprayers ourselves! 

One perk of our teacher et al discounts: we felt less guilty springing for a cabana. OMG... if you go to Sea World on a day when it's as hot as Hades, you should spring for a cabana. It has a mini-fridge packed with cold bottles of water. And you have a place to get out of the scorching heat. Worth EVERY penny!!! 

I just love how this picture looks like the shark is about to bite off their heads. ;)

On our way back home, we stopped by Jeremy's alma mater. Here's Luke with his daddy at the Southwestern student union! 

In summary - we had a wonderful time on our family vacation! Plus, we had no idea what big news we would come home to...  but more on that in a future post. :)

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