Friday, July 27, 2012

July Goings-On

So this is super exciting: once I publish this post, I will be up-to-date on this blog! Hooray! I let the first half of 2012 get away from me, so I did about six months' worth of posts in about six weeks. I resolve not to do this again, so hopefully, this time next week, I'll post about our trip to San Antonio which we are taking in just two days! 

We've spent much of July in the summer grind. As I've mentioned before, Luke is going to  summer school through our district in the mornings and his ABA therapy in the afternoons. I've put MANY miles on my car and filled up the ole gas tank much more often! We did sneak in some time to have some fun though. 

The first weekend of the month, we headed to the Dallas Museum of Art for a kickoff event for the 2012 DFW Autism Speaks Walk. The link is to our personal fundraising page. Perhaps it's tacky to post it here, but oh well. :D All jokes aside: if you've followed my blog at all (in particular, this post, this post, this post, this post, and this post), you know that autism is a huge player at our house since Luke was diagnosed in October of 2010. With the CDC announcing autism's prevalence has increased from 1 in 110 to 1 in 88, it absolutely needs funding, research, and attention... because the resources out there now will not be enough to deal with these big numbers of special, sweet children (who are growing up!)

But I'll just calm down and save the soapbox talk for later. : ) This was a great event at the DMA with lots of fun stuff for my little sense-seeker! They had big bubbles in the courtyard...

And inside, they had lots of fun things to see and play with, including these ribbon curtains (which Luke loves... he's always loved playing in the curtains at my house). 

Shape magnets to play with... 

And, the piece de resistance, BEADED CURTAINS. Oh goodness, we had to drag him away from these! 
Also, with some VERY strong hand-over-hand help, Luke wrote his name. Woo hoo! (He's bananas about letters, so he knows what direction to move his hand to make them, but he needs some work gripping the marker.) 

It was a great day! 

Later in the month, my mom watched Luke overnight so Jeremy and I could attend an Autism Speaks fundraiser at the Dallas Westin. We had a great time, and the event raised OVER $100,000. Amazing, right? (Ours was but a tiny portion of that sum, I assure you. :D) Here we are in our dressed-up splendor. 

BTW, it was a Mardi Gras-themed event. The lei and cheap beads were not what I chose to go with my dress. ;)

I am sure I'll be posting more about the Autism Speaks DFW Walk, but if you're interested in participating with us, either leave a comment or email me. The walk is on October 20, 2012 at the Air Hogs Stadium in Grand Prairie. 

Next stop: San Antonio! Can't wait to post about what I'm sure will be a wonderful family trip!

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