Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas, 2011 - Part 3

One more Christmas post! Here's a better glance at a small portion of Luke's Christmas stash. I think he's still half asleep as he checks it out!

Here is Hannah, happily investigating her holiday stash.

Later on Christmas afternoon, we hosted Jeremy's family and did our Roberts family gift exchange. Pete, Donna, Bobby, Lori, Alex, Alyssa, Brent, and Audra came over, and we had a wonderful time and ate far too much. (Seriously - I had a very Pinterest Christmas. I made at least three things - grinch chocolate chip cookies, smores bars, rolo chocolate cookies... all super decadent and very good!) Here are some highlights:

We're assembling for the great ripping open of gifts! 

Hannah got so much attention and affection, she didn't mind being adorned with a bow.

Here's Luke with his puppy his Grandma and Grandpa got him.

Brent (Jeremy's nephew) and his beautiful wife and mother-to-be, Audra!

And here's adorable Alyssa with Hannah.

We are so fortunate to have our big ole families to celebrate with! I hope your 2011 Christmas was as blessed! 

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