Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cruise News Part II

Here is the "wrapping up the cruise" blog post. It will be very succinct - I am nearing my return to work (*sniffle*), so it's all about checking things off "the list."

Here we are before the trip, sporting the fabulous hats Megan packed.

Here we are on the ship - this is on our way back after seeing lots of celebrities' houses and enjoying lots of rum punch. (Notice how the pale members of Team Roberts stay covered up. Awesome.)

The next day was an at-sea day - those really are my favorite. One dinnertime highlight I haven't shared is that the ship had a fantastic magician who went from table to table. He delighted Tessa and Sophie - LOVE this picture of her as he does his amazing card trick.

That night, we also enjoyed Tara participate in the ship's version of "Minute to Win It." My sister is seriously the most fearless person I know. Two days later she did a cruise game on the deck. In her swimsuit. Megan and I just sat back in awe.

I'd be remiss if I didn't thank my family for what they did for us the second-to-last night on the ship: they watched Luke so that Jeremy and I could have a date night. We had such a nice time!

Other highlights:
I just like this sweet picture of Luke and his daddy.

Though I didn't get a share-worthy photo, in case you were wondering: YES, Jeremy did sing "Sweet Caroline" on karaoke night. You know it! : )

Luke really warmed up to his Kansas family, who he doesn't see all that often. Here he is after Aunt Tara tickled him...

...and after cousin Tessa shared her iPad. OH how he loved the iPad.

Finally, I have to show Luke in all his ocean gear. His Uncle Johnny says he's like the Barry Bonds of swimming - life jacket, swim shoes, swim shirt, ear plugs... poor kid had to WORK just to play!

We had an amazing time together, and I can't wait until the WHOLE family is back together again!

In the meantime... only 5.5 days until I return to work. At least I can return knowing I've had a wonderful summer! So blessed!

On the day our ship went to St. Thomas, my parents generously (and bravely) watched the grandkids while the grown-ups did a champagne catamaran trip. We had an awesome time!

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Becca said...

Looks like ya'll had such a wonderful time!! Great pictures! I'm so jealous!