Friday, July 29, 2011

Cruise News Part I

Here's Luke outside the dance club, which was surrounded by TVs. Our boy loves an LCD screen, so it's no wonder he'd flock to this spot. :)

Earlier in July, we went on a family* cruise, and believe me, we had a GREAT TIME. A really great time. I mean, the kind of time that, as time runs out on my summer vacation, I cherish and miss already!

Why family*? Well, we were down some members who couldn't attend for various reasons, and they were missed. But Honey/Mom/Janis, Grand/Dad/John, the Griffiths, the Robertses, and Megan headed for Miami, and we had a great time!

My biggest concern going into the trip was how would Luke do travelling, especially on the airplane. In short: he was AWESOME. Truly fantastic. We kept him occupied with lots of snacks, toys, and electronics, and he did super. We left for the trip on Friday morning, and it was a long couple of days before we got onto the ship. By that point, Luke was worn out from lots of travel.

Our second day of the cruise was on Carnival's island on the Bahamas. It was so nice! Luke especially loved this fort/water slide combination. (It's not a great picture... I didn't take a ton because I was chasing Luke up and down the beach!)

Tessa had lots of fun building sandcastles, so much so that she donned some sand leg warmers back onto the ship.

I spent a LOT of time in the sun, earning me a bright-red skintone I carried the rest of the trip. Even almost three weeks later, I have some pigment, and you can't see all of my veins - super cool for me! : )

We got dressed for dinner (which, if you've been on a cruise, you know is awesome). I just really like this picture of Jeremy and Luke.

After dinner, the girls did some dancing.

And after the kids went to bed, some of us stayed out late and celebrated my sister Megan's birthday. We started at a piano bar, which, after playing entirely too much "bathtub music" (Meg's term for sad, slow, very un-birthday-party music), they started a Name that Tune contest...which I won!

Let's just be classy and concise and say that the champagne prize was not all we had that night, and we had a good time. Cheers to my beautiful, talented, and awesome sister Megan! We had a blast celebrating you!

The next day we were just at-sea, so we enjoyed the pool. The cousins swam.

Luke discovered ice cream - a messy but exhilirating epiphany that he enjoyed all week long.

We rested. (How funny is this? This is one of Luke's favorite sleep positions - we call it "the diva.")

And we got dolled up for formal night. Here are my pretty nieces, and here's fancy Luke in the cabin before we left for dinner.

That's all for now; I'll post later with pictures for the rest of the trip. Today's fun includes a locksmith visit and a paint estimate... where oh where has summer gone?

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