Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flying-By February

It's been almost a month since my last post... oops. = \ The distance between blog posts is always a great indication of how busy things are in the Roberts household. Even though I had FIVE unexpected days off of work due to the snow and ice (or maybe because of those five days and the household craziness that ensued), I still never got to post. Oh well, better late than never!

The month started with some absolutely unprecedented cold weather in North Texas! We missed school Feb. 1-4 and Feb. 8. I think the surest sign I'm not 100% adult just yet is that I absolutely adored the chance to have four days without work. Even with a 24-hour period without heat (so much for those 15-minute blackouts ONCOR promised) and a subsequent two-day period without running water, I cherished down time with Luke and Jeremy! I think Luke particularly liked spending days a)in pajamas, b)at home with Mom and Dad, and c)without being dragged to school or appointments. Like I said, we stayed in our PJs...
We did some reading...
We (well, I) stepped outside briefly to take this picture of our backyard.

We did some handmade* Valentines...
*This was far and away the craftiest thing I've ever done... construction paper + scrapbooking scissors + Crayola paint isn't exactly Martha Stewart-level work, but hey, it's something!

And Luke received a very special Valentine...! I sooo love his Sunday School class and all the precious keepsakes we get when he goes there.

Since the weather warmed up (hopefully permanently; I'm tired of coats!), we've just been living our busy-as-usual life. Luke's doing great at his school; we're getting lots of good reports and seeing great growth from him. We had a chance to attend a Parent Workshop last week, where we learned lots of things and, best of all, got to spend time with other parents of kids on the autism spectrum. That camaraderie was invaluable! Luke loves school - he runs back ready to play, without any tears! At home, he just sings all the time - some of the words are discernible, and others are in Luke's own language. Regardless, he's really expressive, and we love every second with him. Here he is with his Super Why doll.

He also loooooves stickers, so it's a special treat when I bust out the sticker book for him  to play with.

Finally, here are some pictures from today, when we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and head out to the park. We started with the swings, which were a decent hit...

...but not as big a hit as the slides. As mischievous as Luke looks here, though, he's very cautious going down slides. He doesn't really slide with abandon but instead uses his big-ole shoes to slow him down. He cracks me up because as active as he is, he is also so cautious. Believe me, I am very thankful for his carefulness!

In other Roberts news: Jeremy is very busy with his new job, but he is also loving the work and his new teammates, and we're both feeling really good about his job change. He's not the only one working hard - with the missed days because of weather, my end-of-six-weeks grading crunch is worse than usual. I just got back from grading at Starbucks for a few hours tonight, and 51 essays over Heart of Darkness stand between me and freedom at 10:00 p.m. Monday. Just call me Kurtz, because I'm feeling "the horror! The horror!**" Speaking of horrible feelings, I am sore, because I joined a gym two weeks ago! All in all, I am enjoying my gradual return to exercise, despite the fact that Thursday night's "Body Works Plus Abs" class now has me near tears due to soreness that rears its ugly head when I laugh, sneeze, speak, or even breathe. : ) No pain, no gain, right?

**Don't know how many of you know what the heck I'm talking about, but those who do may appreciate the reference. ; )

It's been a busy but great month. I can't believe March is just two days away! My birthday is Saturday, which is the same day we are going to SESAME STREET LIVE!!! I will definitely post pictures, and I'm hoping Luke will love it. He's been pretty fascinated with the Cookie Monster lately, so I'm hoping he digs the show!

My pillow is calling my name, so for now: good night! See you in a week with some Sesame Street Live pictures!

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