Sunday, June 27, 2010

More "Staycation" Pictures

Oh Staycation... how fun you were, but how exhausting you were, too! (So exhausting that it has taken two weeks since everyone went home to finally get this properly blogged. Eeek.)
The picture above is from Luke's first swim of the summer. Oh my goodness did he love it! He had so much fun swimming that he slept on the couch for over two hours, despite the door to the backyard opening and closing about 75 times. That, friends, is some good sleep!
Rather than do a long recap, I'll just post some pictures.

During staycation, we met Campbell!

Luke rode in a wagon with his cousin Tessa...

...and rode in a wagon pulled by his cousin Tessa.

We got to see Tessa, the littlest diva I know, rest after a swim with some Cheetos, and request, "Light off!" (That's Tessa-speak for, "turn off the sun, please." We did the best we could.)

We visited with lots of family.

We brought over our swing for cousin Campbell to enjoy...

...and we revisited the swing ourselves.

And we played ladderball.

It was a great weekend, and we can't wait to see family next summer - hopefully on a cruise ship!

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