Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hello there! It's been a while since I've posted, largely because October was quite crazy. Last Wednesday, I was on the phone with Jeremy's mom and uttered these four fateful words: "We're actually all healthy!" About 24 hours later, Luke was running a fever and feeling pretty puny. He just had a weekend virus - not the flu, thankfully! He's 100% again - and just in time for Halloween!

Yesterday was Goblin Day at Grapevine High School. It's a day where everyone - teachers and students - dress in costume. It's a lot of fun (well, kind of. I won't lie - it's not my favorite day to teach. Not exactly an attentive audience)... especially when you bring your baby as a prop! The English department dressed as Greek gods and goddesses, and I was Aphrodite. Luke accompanied me... as Cupid! How cute! He was very well behaved - he didn't touch his wings, and he was spellbound during the pep rally. It was fun!

Last night, we donned Luke's monkey suit and headed to Halloween on Main Street in downtown Grapevine. Luke checked the dryer before we left. He just loves laundry...

...and, as you can see from his big ole grin, he was THOROUGHLY enjoying the people watching once we got there.

We ran into Luke's cousins - the Pacheco boys, Brayden and Bryce. Have you ever seen such cute golfers?
We also ran into cousins Nathan and Jordan, who were Batman and Robin. Robin was a little worn out from a tough day of crime fighting.

Nate Dogg, however, was ready for whatever the night brought. : )

Funniest part of the night by far: we ran into the cousins, and it was clear Luke had had it with the stroller. So we let him out, expecting the usual - an immediate grab for my legs. What really happened, though, was hilarious: Luke let loose down Main Street like a jailbird towards freedom. He didn't even look back!
Seriously! It was too hilarious. He's a brave one, our little dude!

I'm sure I'll post more tonight as we "trick or treat" - we're going to visit some friends. Hope everyone out there has a fun and safe Halloween!

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