Friday, August 14, 2009


Luke's interest in baby food has been fading, so I've been trying out "big people" food with him. We've had great success with french fries (duh), Nilla Wafers, and, to a small extent, breads. I'm baffled by two things I love that he has not cared for: mac and cheese and Oreos.

At first, he gives the tiny Oreo a chance. "Hey, this seems cool," his little face seems to say...

...but a quick feel of the unfamiliar texture, and it's rejection time.
So Oreos are more like Ore-Nos to Luke, but he quickly realizes that unlike the skin-toned Nilla Wafers, these cookies make a cool mess...
"Hey Mom, check this out!" (and check out his big ole hands!)
So that was last night's dinner. He ate a few bites of some reliable favorites, and, as per usual, got ticked off at being in his chair.
From there, I carried him upstairs and started his bath. I even cleaned Oreo out of his little belly button. Think I may wait a while before I try those again! Post-bath, Luke climbed 11 of our 16 stairs....! I wanted to get a picture of that, but the camera was not at hand, and I didn't want to risk him falling down 11 stairs while I was fetching it.
Off to accomplish as much as possible in my last 2.5 days of summer vacation. : ( Have a great weekend, everybody!

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