Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things...

Well, it's officially a school year again. If I had written this post on Monday or Tuesday of this past week, it would have been full of despair. I was (and heck, still am) tired and kind of feeling depressed, like did I even have a summer? But after a few days back in the swing of things, it's been much better, though, of course, the best part of my day is getting to see this little man's sweet face!

Nothing too special about these pictures, but I just wanted to get some posted. Below, Luke is "walking" - the only walking he's done so far is with the assistance of furniture - and gnawing on his finger. I think he's got some back teeth coming in, poor thing. I think it is so merciful of God that we forget how painful teething must be. Yikes. : ( But anyway - look how tall Luke is? I can't wait to find out at his one year appointment how tall he is. He's started drinking whole milk, by the way. As you can see, it has agreed with him. : )

This is from yesterday - Luke found Dad's work computer. I appreciate that, "WHAT? I'm not doing anything!" face. It's one we see a lot, actually...

"Hey! Who's that good looking kid I see?"

"It's me!"
I'm very much hoping to have a video-rich post soon. We have several really cute videos from the summer that I haven't had a chance to convert to smaller files so they can be posted here. So, look forward to those - along with a FIRST BIRTHDAY post coming up sometime Thursday or Friday! I can't believe how quickly it has passed!

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