Friday, July 31, 2009

Boo hoo...

Luke's developed a nasty habit: waking up in the middle night and only falling back asleep if it is in his mama's arms. This habit is really my fault for sleep-walking in to check on him and, in my somnambulant stupor (oh yeah - I can use "somnambulant" correctly at 3:47 a.m.), I just pick him up, carry him to the couch, and we both fall asleep. Sweet and comforting for each of us, but it's time to harden my heart. He's been in there crying it out for about 20 minutes. Ugh. Please pray for us that Luke and I break this habit quickly!

Since I'm up, here are some cute pictures from the month that I haven't posted here. Here's Luke crawling out of his toy basket at the old house...

Here he is enjoying french fries for the first time.

A family shot before Jeremy and I went to the Chelsea-Club America game at the new Cowboys Stadium on Sunday night. (Maybe I'll do a blog about that since it seems like Luke's sobs aren't stopping any time soon. *sigh*)

Luke gains confidence scaling the stairs.
Good night - er, morning - everyone. Bless his little heart. : (

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Becca said...

Oh goodness. I can totally identify with you. There have been so many nights when I have to get up to pat Jordan on the back, wait 5 minutes, pat Jordan on the back again, wait 7 minutes, pat Jordan on the back again, wait 9 minutes, pat Jordan on the back again...and so forth...until he finally gives up! I am so sorry!