Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kitty Kate is 3!

Our Kate turned 3 on April 3. In a word... HOW?!?! Oh it goes by so very quickly! She had had almost a full week of birthday fun!

Sweet Daddy worked for hours and hours and hours assembling a kitchen for the playroom. It is precious, and Kate loved it! 

We went to Honey and Grand's for official birthday cupcakes and ice cream, and Kate got what has so far been her most beloved gift: MagicClip Disney princesses. She has been playing with them for days! 

On the 5th, Kate headed to the doctor for her three year checkup. I can't help but laugh at how my kids looooooove the lobby at the doctor's office, but once the nurse calls their name? CURTAINS. And tears. :(

Kate is tall and lean - 40 inches tall, 37 lbs. I think Dr. Scott said that's 95th percentile height and "skinny."

I have a tall, skinny daughter. HIS MERCIES ARE NEW EVERY MORNING, Y'ALL! 

Thursday, she was the birthday star of her class! She had cookies with her friends. She was so excited! 

Apparently once you are three, you will FINALLY wear your backpack to the car. Big girl! 

Finally, we had a friend and family birthday party at the Treehouse at Church at the Cross (where she attends MDO). Kate was so excited about her Bubble Guppies cake and playing with her friends and cousins. 

She couldn't wait to play with her glitter play doh when we got home. Her dress creation for Rapunzel is... extravagant. And not all that mindful of utility and comfort, unless she wants Rapunzel to "raise the roof" all night. :)

Darling girl, you are so full of spunk and life. You can be exhausting, but you are so very endearing. You have a sweet heart and irrepressible enthusiasm. We love you very, very much, sweet girl! 

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