Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Synopsis: Luke

June began with the end of Pre-K for Luke. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I just cannot believe my baby will be a Kindergartener! 

I dressed you in the same shirt on the last day as I did the first... it amazes me how much older you look! Sweet, sweet boy! 

Our summer started off pretty slowly with you just going to Brent Woodall Academy for half a day in the afternoons. Unfortunately, the ECDC was closed because of construction - I was so hoping to have you back there with the awesome teachers and your sweet friends...! Doggone cost of progress! ;) 

Anyway, our mornings were loooooooooong. You are a boy that needs entertainment and action, and PBS Kids, Disney Junior, the playroom, a pesky sister, and puzzles are only going to cut it for so long!

You autographed the Father's Day cards of all the men in your life, adding sissy's name since she's too little to help out much in this regard.

You supported USA Soccer during the World Cup.

You enjoyed the Trophy Park Spash Pad when your cousins were in town. Here, you take a break from the action and live the dream: the ability to shamelessly eat all the Cheetos you want while wearing a swimsuit because you're young and thin and, well, YOLO, right? 

The highlight of your summer, though, is pretty much, without question, the WILD and other-worldly success of your swimming lessons. We shelled out the big bucks for private lessons. 

You were so excited when you saw the pool your first day.  

You waited patiently for your turn, though I know you couldn't WAIT to get in there! 

And you were very brave with Mr. Andrew your first time! 

A few days later, I acted on a hunch while your cousins and Aunt Jackie and I were at Honey and Grand's swimming. I told Jackie that I really thought if we let you go unsupported, you could swim. She and I stood across from one another, and you were in my arms. I let you go, and by golly, you swam to Aunt Jackie! Your form wasn't perfect, and you're no Michael Phelps just yet, but you have remarkable instincts! Over the course of the summer, you're increasing your stamina, and you're able to swim for longer distances unassisted. You have also gotten the courage to jump into the pool, a feat truly YEARS in the making! Daddy and I are so, SO proud of your progress, and Sissy is, too! 

When you're allowed it, you love to get on Mommy's computer. (Here you are one of the last times with Mommy's work computer.) 

About halfway through July, we decided to have you go to the Woodall Kids Academy for a full day. This was a tough decision - I was scared to let you go from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.! But as always, you rocked our socks. You've done a great job and had lots of stamina, which bodes very well for kindergarten! I think you missed structure and routine. Kate and I miss you at home, but we are super excited to see you every afternoon! Here you are rocking your school shirt (which was only available in a Youth Medium, so it's ginormous. :D).

We have several weeks left of summer vacation before it's back to school time! I'm sure we will get to go swim and play outside with the water hoses (your FAVORITE) as often as we can. One unusual thing: your affinity for the pool has left you fairly tan! It's quite an odd thing, seeing a Roberts family member that's slightly tan. (I've been out there with you most of the time, but I go from red to translucent relatively quickly.) 

You've been a busy man this summer and working hard, but you rise to the challenge. We love you, Super Luke! 

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