Friday, January 10, 2014

8- and 9-Months Old

So here's the deal: in case you haven't already figured this out, I often write these posts a little (okay, usually A LOT) after they occurred. I wish I could have done separate posts about Kate turning 8-months old and 9-months old, but the old to do list isn't getting any shorter! So... Here we go!

One thing I have learned is that monthly photo shoots are becoming increasingly difficult because of how much little miss is on the move! 

One fun development is that Kate's hair is getting long enough to clip bows directly onto instead of using the headband. Here's a picture of my first attempt at this. How sweet! 

She is my smiley little ham... when she isn't pitching a fit, that is. :)

I'll write a lot of other things about Kate in my Christmas holiday posts, but one thing is for sure: Kate is a MOMMA'S GIRL. Perhaps you noticed that is in all caps and bolded. My teenage girl students tell me I should enjoy this because when she is their age, she'll hate me. Ouch... But they're right, I suppose. 

On Christmas Day, Kate started crawling. There hasn't been a dull moment while she's awake since. 

We have made our foray into baby food. Kate is remarkable in that she will eat ANYTHING. She looooves her food! 

At her nine month checkup, Kate was in the 85th percentile on height at 28.75" long and the 80th percentile in weight at 20 lbs and 9 oz. Her left eye is going great since her October surgery! 

My Target buddy:

And finally, the sticker pictures: 

Isn't she a doll?

This has all gone by so quickly... Can't believe my baby girl is 3/4 through her first year! What a blessing she's been!

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