Saturday, December 28, 2013

Though It's Been Said, Many Times, Many Ways...

...Merry Christmas, to you!

After celebrating with Honey and Grand, we headed home to get ready for Santa's visit! One thing really exciting about this year is that it was the first since his autism diagnosis that Luke seemed to get Christmas, at least marginally. We're far from him being where a typical child his age would be in terms of holiday euphoria, but we're elated to take what we can get! 

We got Santa's milk and cookies out, and nestled all snug in our beds, waiting for a special morning! 

And what a great morning we had - and so exciting to add a new stocking to our mantle!

About to check out the new playroom...!

 Jeremy always makes Christmas breakfast. YUM!
It's never too early to start the classics.

...but we'll also check out Santa's offerings. 

Even normally melancholy Hannah got in the spirit.

Next, we go all dolled up and headed to lunch with most of the Calvert crew. 

(See Kate's adorable outfit? Well, she had darn near shredded those fluffly sleeves and ruffles on her pants by the end of the day, so glad we got some pictures while it was still intact.)

Uncle Chris holding his pretty nieces.

The bad news? Few pictures from Christmas lunch. The great news? It's because we were all too busy enjoying ourselves to pause to document the moments. :)

We headed home to rest up for one more celebration - this one with the Roberts family, and this one WE would be hosting...!

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