Monday, October 31, 2011

October Updates (better late than never...)

You know how you can tell that time flies when you're having fun? When you are writing an October 2011 blog post in February of 2012!

The two main October highlights were, without question, the trip Jeremy and I made to the final ALCS championship game and Halloween. Here we go...

Thanks to Bobby, Lori, and Alyssa, who kept Luke, Jeremy and I had an awesome date night at the Ballpark in Arlington to see the Rangers destroy the Tigers and make it to their second consecutive World Series! (We know how that ended by now... but let's focus on the bright side.)

Here we are before the game... and before I bought a Ranger shirt.
Here's a shot of the park pre-game.

Between the start of the game and its awesome conclusion...

 Many of you kindly endured lots of annoying, semi-intoxicated Facebook updates from me. Clearly, we had a VERY fun and much-needed date night!

SO MUCH CONFETTI! It was a wonderful night to remember, and we cannot thank Bobby and Lori enough for watching Luke so we could take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime event! We had a wonderful time!

Also in October - Halloween! Luke was a doctor... which I picked. To be fair, he still really isn't totally into Halloween and doesn't exactly get it. Fortunately, though, he is always game for whatever we throw at him. Here is the handsome physician, at home....

...and with his cousins at Granny's house on Halloween night.
(Left to right, that's Dr. Luke, Samantha, Will, or Captain America, sweet Lily, and Racecar Driver Wynn.)

We had a wonderful month... clearly a busy one if I'm updating the blog so late. Next up... November!

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